The Joy of Little Things

Don’t underestimate, the joy of little things and the gifts that they bring

nourishing your heart, soul and mind – like a steaming mug of coffee

the sound of unwrapping a toffee, gift of a smile, even upon a screen

waking up from a beautiful dream

discovering unread books, or lost favourites

the mesmerising glow of embers in a firepit

fingering old family photos, in a peeling album

satisfying stretch of your limbs on a yoga mat

fresh comforting smell of clean linen

first sign of life from a flowering bud

happiness of your dog playing in fresh mud

calming sound of soft rain as you sleep

finding your favourite gin on offer cheap

learning something new from YouTube

finally cracking the rubix cube

clear bright night skies, so full of star flair

light breeze caressing arms stretched bare

from an outdoor tub, saying a gratitude prayer

don’t underestimate the gift of these things and the joy they bring

as we’re in quarantine

Published by JoJo

Confessional writer, starting over at 50 - I promise you brutal honestly with a few laughs along the way.

8 thoughts on “The Joy of Little Things

  1. Yes, all of the above plus I’m able to argue with people this year that not keeping ‘Dry January’ is almost obligatory, as with Covid lurking just round every corner making sacrifices is for the birds.

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      1. People seem to like the idea though – it makes them feel virtuous. It just makes me feel frustrated and gagging for a g & t at curious times of the day!

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