Prawns night, will make it all alright

Prawns night, will make it all alright Food is important. More specifically, enjoying food is important. Enjoying with friends or lovers who also enjoy food – pure joy. There was a lot of joy that first night at Fantasia. Booking a Spanish owned and run resort was no accident, not if you love food. SadieContinue reading “Prawns night, will make it all alright”

When life throws you limes, make a margarita

You’ve heard of the band that kept playing while the Titanic went down, an island girl’s holiday was my version after an iceberg took the arse out of my marriage. I hadn’t expected to be single again at 50 but recent events had taught me a lot of things can happen you don’t expect. LeastContinue reading “When life throws you limes, make a margarita”