Penpals, books & volunteers

When the first lockdown hit, I wanted to find useful new hobbies to fill my time. I was still working from home during the week but there was plenty of evening and weekend time to do some good for myself and others. Travelling along the coast I spotted the iconic 1930’s building that is theContinue reading “Penpals, books & volunteers”

Heck, my life’s a country song

It all started with Nashville, the TV series – if you haven’t seen it, you should! Add my addiction to The Batchelor nation series of shows, it all rounded up into making me a country music fan. I’d hear the bands on the TV shows, buy the music and play them while driving. Don’t evenContinue reading “Heck, my life’s a country song”

What’s a girl to do this Halloween

I have a dear friend, she’s a witch. Which means powerful woman not the bastardisation of the word to mean bitch. Which quite frankly is another bastardisation because bitches are great, I have two – a Bassett bitch and a Chihuahua cross bitch and they’re pretty powerful witches too. Especially don’t cross the Chihuahua. She’llContinue reading “What’s a girl to do this Halloween”

Autumn – letting go & forgiving

One of my birthday presents was an Autumn Harvest Queen art workshop via video-call. I attended with my dear friend Kallie and 4 other participants. We’d been sent art materials in the post and been told to get comfy with pillows and blankets for 7pm. Our hostess was a spiritual woman with gentle and joyfulContinue reading “Autumn – letting go & forgiving”

The healing of a broken heart

If you think this is anything to do with another man – you’re very wrong! No, this starts with good friends, soul sisters – and ends with them. They held my hands while I walked across hot coals to get to the other side of grief. They picked me up when I fell, again andContinue reading “The healing of a broken heart”

Yes, I was a fool

The people in the pub and at the parties would believe he’s the best guy, so much fun! We’d moved to a small town from the city. Early on I’d got a message from someone’s husband who believed our spouses were having an affair. Turned out the whole town believed it. I didn’t. My exContinue reading “Yes, I was a fool”

Better to live in truth than a web of lies

Ultimately, once I found my legs again, got up and dusted myself off I’d learnt – it’s better to go through the pain and live in truth than continue to live in delusion and lies. The journey to that was crawling the gauntlet on coals of fire. Sometimes the pain consumed me so bad IContinue reading “Better to live in truth than a web of lies”

Don’t stop dancing, we may fall

I see what I’m doing here, I’m focussing on the good times and not telling you about the not-so-good times. This is an old habit which quite frankly is a damn useful survival skill.  Laughter is the best medicine; I don’t know who said that first but I’m an avid practitioner. Could be a culturalContinue reading “Don’t stop dancing, we may fall”