Learning to date, a 50 year old Valentine

Wiping away a tear of laughter, I waited to catch my breathe. Prunella was in full animated flight, telling us her best and worst dating tales at our girlfriends Sunday lunch in Greenwich. She’s petite, beautiful, always well-turned-out, eccentric and has a quick wit and lilting Irish accent. She’s also over 50 and now aContinue reading “Learning to date, a 50 year old Valentine”

Open your eyes and save yourself Princess

I was previously married to a terrible husband and that’s the plain truth of it. Not a terrible person, but a terrible husband. A man can be a good person and a bad husband, they are different things. You can of course get your garden variety bad man, bad husband, but my ex, like mostContinue reading “Open your eyes and save yourself Princess”

From hell to happiness – what a difference a year makes

Happy New Year! Welcome 2022. Coming into 2021, I was in the hellish position, or I should say, imposition, of getting rid of a drug and drink-soaked abusive bully of a con-artist ex-husband. He was responsible for the Concorde ticket to hell, his own hell he dragged me into. Extricating myself from him was difficult,Continue reading “From hell to happiness – what a difference a year makes”

Solitaire, without the fear

I’ve had a dramatically changing relationship with solitude, it seems to be linked to age and life experiences over time. I sought and revelled in it as a child. My mother laughingly called me Greta because of the famous “I vont to be alone” Garbo line. Happy hours would go by in my bedroom drawing,Continue reading “Solitaire, without the fear”

A drill and a baseball bat

A lot can be accomplished with an electric drill and a baseball bat. I learnt this last weekend when my ex finally came to get the rest of his stuff. No, I didn’t murder him with a drill and baseball bat if that’s what you’re thinking. If I was that way inclined, I’d only needContinue reading “A drill and a baseball bat”

Locked-in by any other name

There are different kinds of locked-in. The current housebound one from pandemic restrictions or being locked-in a destructive relationship. I was both last year, now I’m just coping with the pandemic one and I feel free as a bird. So, I think that’s very telling as to which of my lock-ins were worse. If you’reContinue reading “Locked-in by any other name”