What’s a girl to do this Halloween

I have a dear friend, she’s a witch. Which means powerful woman not the bastardisation of the word to mean bitch. Which quite frankly is another bastardisation because bitches are great, I have two – a Bassett bitch and a Chihuahua cross bitch and they’re pretty powerful witches too. Especially don’t cross the Chihuahua. She’ll have you sussed out at first glance, if you’re worth knowing she’ll love you loyally and never forget you. If you’re not – well, just don’t go near her. Bassett bitch just does whatever the hell she wants and accepts all cuddles and adoration as her natural birth right – fair play, she’s adorable, hilarious and the baby.

Well, I digress – this isn’t what I wanted to tell you about, but one mention of my dogs and I’ll go on for hours, so I’ll stop right now and get back on topic… Halloween.

Now I hadn’t seen Prunella for some years when my marriage hit the iceberg, but then she just appeared back in my life. Offering me support through a free reading over the phone – which was completely accurate. At the time I was in shock and still trying desperately to save my marriage, she told me by the time I came out the other side of this I’d be the one wanting to get rid of him. She was right, about that and everything else. Best of all she told me it would all be ok, those kind of words at times like that you hold onto like a lifejacket in stormy waters.

With social distancing making the Halloween landscape bleak – I decided to save it by planning a visit to see Prunella. She lives in a big old house full of treasures and sweet-smelling smoke. At the back there’s a huge wooden table where we sat, at a distance from each other, and got on with the magic that is old friends catching up.

My sister Karina and I had driven through beautiful Sussex villages to reach her house and taken gifts, home-made blackberry wine, roast beetroot soup (Prunella is vegan), sunflowers I’d grown, and Karina had found a beautiful carved cat for her. Cats are her spirit animal, so cats are always a good gift for Prunella.

Being the incredibly generous personality she is, Prunella had a banquet ready for us and all manner of beautiful objects for us to make wands and create good luck and protection spells with. We were there from lunchtime until midnight – and we never stopped for breath the whole time, talking and laughing. Prunella has been through her own horrific divorce, restraining order type territory – it was so good to see her now happy, relaxed and safe.

She’s a total powerhouse that could fit in a thimble with a beautiful singalong Irish accent. Prunella’s very pretty with sparkly clear, very mischievous eyes that change colour like moonstone.  She’s always rattling in beautiful jewellery and you’ll never see her without her make-up and hair done.

We may have had to stay in this Halloween, but this was one of the best anyway. The energy created by female friends, eating, laughing, talking through every detail of their lives, making crafts together, drinking herbal tea, sharing gifts – it’s powerfully healing. I now have a beautiful crystal wand and some great advice. Plus, some letting go with love rituals to do that is cleansing the ex out of my life – maybe that’s why I’ve been singing and dancing around my house this morning – to the quizzical looks of my dogs. The ex has finally left my house to go visit family, with any luck he’ll stay there. Freedom is in intoxicating grasp and I have nothing better to do this day than carve pumpkins – life is good.

Happy Halloween – it’s going to be a super special one with the blue full moon, can’t wait!

Published by JoJo

Confessional writer, starting over at 50 - I promise you brutal honestly with a few laughs along the way.

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