The healing of a broken heart

If you think this is anything to do with another man – you’re very wrong!

No, this starts with good friends, soul sisters – and ends with them.

They held my hands while I walked across hot coals to get to the other side of grief. They picked me up when I fell, again and again and they told me the truth when I didn’t want to hear it.

Best of all – they laughed with me – a lot. Laughter heals and I love to laugh – I laugh loud. Apparently, I have one of those laughs which makes everyone else in the room laugh too. That’s probably my greatest gift now I think about it.

My girlfriends – my angels

Not everyone has strong, supportive, soul-connection sisterhood bonds of friendship – I’m truly blessed and grateful every single day that I do.

This kind of gift doesn’t happen by happy fortune or accident though, to have great friends you need to be a great friend.

There are no shortcuts, but we all get our time with the ‘get-out-of-jail-free card’ when it’s our turn to be the mess. During those times you’re the one who needs them the most, they don’t need you because you’re screwing everything up, being a royal pain-in-the-arse or going through one of life’s tragedies. We’re all ‘that friend’ sometimes.

When you’re strong enough you carry them – taking it in turns. I learnt long ago if you’re doing all the carrying, all the time though, that’s not friendship – you’re just being used and who needs toxic energy-vampires in their life.

Your true friends will tell you the truth. A good smack in the face with some undressed-up home truths helps us all learn and grow sometimes. If you can put your ego to the side, listen and accept it for the great gift that it is.

Published by JoJo

Confessional writer, starting over at 50 - I promise you brutal honestly with a few laughs along the way.

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